The Stay All Fit benefits

PREMIUM sports locations
Stay All Fit - PREMIUM sports locations

The Stay All Fit membership gives access to the top sports locations within your city. All partners have high quality facilities with professional workouts and trainers.

Unlimited access
Stay All Fit - Unlimited access

When it comes to workouts nobody wants limitations. So when we say unlimited we mean it. Visit each location as often as you’d like and feel free to explore our offer in other cities as well.

Explore and discover
Stay All Fit - Explore and discover

Prefer training in groups or by yourself? With over 50 different types of sports and hundreds of different group workouts – from HIIT training to Yoga – there’s enough choice to keep you entertained!

Our locations

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How does it work?

  • Find your sports location


    Find your sports location

    Use the Stay All Fit app to find that perfect sports location in your area

    Download de Stay All Fit app in de App Store Download de Stay All Fit app in de Google Play Store
  • Check the Stay All Fit sports schedule


    Check the sports schedule

    Explore the wide variety of sport activities and lessons and choose the location that fits your workout of the day!

    Download de Stay All Fit app in de App Store Download de Stay All Fit app in de Google Play Store
  • Scan the Stay All Fit QR code


    Scan the QR code

    Scan the QR code at the entrance of the sports location and you are ready to start your workout!

    Download de Stay All Fit app in de App Store Download de Stay All Fit app in de Google Play Store


Now the first month 50% discount

Unlimited access

€ 59,-

Per month

  • Unlimited access – visit each location as often as you'd like
  • Train in different cities
  • Pay less
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Now the first month 50% discount

Unlimited access

€ 69,-

Per month

  • Unlimited access – visit each location as often as you'd like
  • Train in different cities
  • Monthly terminable
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Stay All Fit Corporate


Working out is not just fun, it improves the health of your workforce as well resulting in lower costs for absenteeism.

Higher productivity

Healthy, energetic employees are more productive and have stronger motivation to perform at work.

No investment needed

The Stay All Fit membership is a great fringe benefit to the employee that requires no investment from the employer.

Wil jij jouw medewerkers ook laten sporten via Stay All Fit?

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  • About Stay All Fit
    About Stay All Fit

    1. How does it work?

      Stay All Fit is the latest sports platform for employees. The Stay All Fit membership is available to all employees in The Netherlands and gives unlimited access to all partnering sports locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlem. You only need to register with your business email account.

      When it comes to workouts nobody wants limitations. So when we say unlimited we mean it. Visit each location as often as you would like and feel free to train in the four different cities.

      We do not partner with all gyms and studios. Only premium sport and health clubs that meet our high quality standards, who have professional trainers and offer a wide variety of sports, are part of the Stay All Fit membership. This wide variety of sports activities can range from Bootcamp and Fitness to Yoga and Crossfit. In addition to, the various sports activities we also offer numerous wellness and relaxation options to create the perfect ending to an intense workout.

      Come and join the Stay All Fit lifestyle.

    2. How do I change the personal information in my account?

      You can easily change your personal information in the Stay All Fit app within the “profielgegevens” section. The pencil icon tells you which fields of data can be modified. After filling in the correct information click the check mark on the top right to save your changes. Do you want to change other personal information such as email address or bank account number? Then please send an email to our customer support desk via

  • Signing up and termination
    Signing up and termination

    1. How do I sign up for Stay All Fit?

      Ready to workout with Stay All Fit? Cool! Please send us your contact information through the request form on our homepage. As soon as we’ve received your request we’ll direct you to our online registration form. Here you can register for the Stay All Fit membership. After registration you’ll receive an email on your business email account with a link to activate your account. Check your spam box in case you have not received this activation email.

      Did you activate your account? Great! Download the Stay All Fit app in the Google Play store or Apple App store. You need the app to get access to our sports locations.

    2. Error message when registering – why can’t I register?

      Our goal is to get people who work in The Netherlands fitter and healthier. We ask for your business email account when registering in order to verify you are an employee of the mentioned company. Your Stay All Fit activation link is the only email you will receive on your business email account. In all other communication we will use your private email address.

      When you do not have a business email account, registration at Stay All Fit is not possible.

    3. How do I terminate my membership?

      Send our customer support desk an email at when you want to terminate your membership.

      Please be aware that you need to inform us at least 10 days prior to the end date of your membership. Without termination your membership end date will be extended with a period of 1 month every time the contract period ends.

  • Workouts and reservations
    Workouts and reservations

    1. Can I visit Stay All Fit locations in different cities?

      Yes. As said before, we believe sports is not about restrictions. Feel free to workout in any of the four different Stay All Fit cities.

    2. How often can I visit the same sports location?

      As often as you like. Access to all our sports locations is unlimited. When you’re working hard to reach your goals in that one gym you like, we want you to feel welcome there every single time.

    3. How do I check-in at a sports location?

      Checking-in is always required when visiting a Stay All Fit location and can easily be done by using the Stay All Fit app. Click on the QR symbol (“inchecken”) to activate the camera in your smartphone and scan the QR code that is presented to you at the front desk of the sports location. Inform the staff when you checked-in. After confirmation you will be given access.

    4. How do I make a reservation for a class or group workout?

      At some sports locations it is required to make a reservation for the group workout of your interest. The policy of each location regarding reservations is mentioned in the app section of that specific location (see “Bijzonderheden”). At the class schedule section you can actually make the reservation after you’ve selected the class of your choice. When a reservation needs to be made by phone you can click the phone icon to activate a phone call. In all other cases you can make a reservation by clicking the “Klik hier om te reserveren” button.

    5. How do I cancel a reservation?

      When you have made a reservation both Stay All Fit and the sports location expect you to actually join that class. In case you cannot attend please cancel the reservation as soon as possible. That way your spot can still be given to someone else. Did you make a reservation by phone? Then please cancel your class by phone. Have you made a reservation through the Stay All Fit app then please cancel via the link in the confirmation e-mail you received.

  • Membership and payments
    Membership and payments

    1. How does the automatic collection work?

      The amount payable will be collected from your bank account around the 28th day of each month. When your membership start date is close to the 28th your first payment might be collected in the next month.

    2. What if the monthly collection failed?

      In case a collection failed we will inform you about this by email. Make sure there are sufficient funds on your bank account so we can give it another try. When that attempt fails as well you’ll receive an email with a link to complete your payment.

      When we do not receive two payments in a row your account will temporarily be frozen. In that case you cannot use your Stay All Fit membership and cannot visit our sports locations. When the outstanding balance has been paid your account will be re-activated again. Notice that any outstanding payments will naturally remain due until paid.

    3. How do I switch from a month to year membership?

      Did you choose a monthly terminable membership, but do you now want to benefit from the discount of a year membership? No problem! You can easily switch in the Stay All Fit app at the ”Abonnementsgegevens” section. Switching from a year to a month membership is not possible.

    4. Does my employer financially compensate for my membership?

      Some companies stimulate sport and vitality among employees by compensating for the costs of sports. One of the corporate benefits you often see is a compensation paid through gross salary (“sport uit brutoloon”). On average this provides a discount of 40% on your monthly membership costs. In that case you effectively don’t pay €59,- but only €34,90 for your Stay All Fit membership!

      The policy at employers varies. Check the HR department of your employer to see whether there are corporate benefits regarding sport and health.